See how VectorMount PivotPro works

The VectorMount is a camera­ mounting device designed to hold a video camera for recording from moving vehicles. It is designed to have at least the tail portion in the air stream of a vehicle and to allow the camera to rotate about a fixed vertical axis based on wind energy, centrifugal force and adjustable dampening input.

The initial directional alignment function is provided by a wing that is directly influenced by air flowing past the mount to point the camera in the desired direction, usually straight ahead, in line with the vehicle’s motion. This motion is similar to the function of a weather vane.

As the vehicle moves forward in a straight line the camera mount points the camera view forward. As the vehicle turns, a swing­weight is affected by centrifugal force and causes the camera mount to swing, pointing the camera view into the direction of the turn, just as a driver would look into the direction of a turn.

This swing action can be adjusted, or tuned, by the user to allow more or less movement of the camera.  The mount contains an adjustable slide weight allowing the user to set the rotation of the mount to achieve optimum shooting accuracy in the desired situation. The closer to the rotation axis (further from the wing) the weight is located, the less the mount will rotate during a turn.  The further away from the rotation axis (closer to the wing) the more the mount will rotate during a turn.

Rotation stops are available as an accessory to limit the spin to a user­defined range if desired. Without the rotation stops installed, the mount has full 360­ degree spin capabilities.

The camera mount is attached to the vehicle by threading the mount to various mounting assemblies or brackets. The standard 1/4”­20 threaded camera mount as well as the standard 1/2”­20 whip mount utilized in off­roading are supported and brackets in these sizes are available through many motorsports suppliers. The camera mount can be attached to the vehicle using either the top or the bottom threaded studs or both ends for added stability.

Also available is our suction ­cup Tri­base mounting assembly for easy on and off installation from a vehicle.  The Tri­base has its own leveling functionality which enables the mount to be installed on uneven surfaces such as sloped hoods or roofs.  The mount can be installed in a hanging position such as for mounting below a roll bar by using the top threaded stud or by inverting the shaft.

Adjusting the wing by unlocking and rotating the tail can compensate for strong crosswinds or unusual airflow observed in non­centered mounting situations.

The mount should always be installed in a level position using the bubble level provided.

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