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Take a Video!

VectorMount manufactures dynamic and configurable static mounts that allow you to position your camera to capture shots you would otherwise miss on moving vehicles, moving airplanes, moving boats, moving quads, moving drones, moving helicopters, and the list goes on and on.

We feature static camera mounting options that are rigid, durable, reliable, configurable, and versatile, as well as the patented VectorMount itself which provides the sweeping panoramic videos that are captured through the vehicle’s natural movements, airflow and basic physics.

Featured in the popular Ken Block Gymkhana 6 Video, we are also the official mount of Lucas Oil Productions, several drifting organizations both domestic and foreign, and we are approved for NHRA competition at speeds exceeding 320MPH.

Whether you’re recording your family vacation through California’s Big Sur coastline or you’re driving in the Indy 500, we offer the equipment that will ensure you get the best video of your adventure.

With over 40 years of manufacturing and engineering design experience we have learned that any mechanical challenge can be solved with determination, diligence, and perhaps a new perspective. VectorMount products embody our commitment to excellence with the mission of providing a dependable means for you to capture those priceless moments.

Take a Ride!

A list of some of the equipment on which VectorMount products have taken a ride are listed below:

  • High-performance Race Cars: Drifting, Formula 1, Top-fuel dragster, Funny car, Pro-stock, Fuel-altered, Pro-mod, Global Rallycross, Rally America, Pike’s Peak, Pro-buggy
  • High-Performance Race Trucks: Pike’s Peak Diesel Race Truck, Pro 2, Pro 4, Pro-Lite
  • High-Performance Race Boats: Top-fuel hydros, Top-alcohol flat-bottom boats, Pro-mod
  • High-Performance Aircraft: helicopters, stunt planes including Pitts S-2C, Waco YMF-5C, Extra 300L, Marchetti SF-260 and Citabria Adventure
  • Sand Toys: sand rails, quads, side-by-sides, dune buggies
  • Weaponry: spear guns and paintball guns

Miscellaneous Vehicles: submarines, Jet Skis, motorcycles, quad rotors and other drones, amusement park rides, Segways

Everyday road cars including high-end sports cars and normal passenger vehicles ranging from expensive Lamborghinis and Ferraris, to Mercedes and BMWs, to Fords and Volkswagens and everything in between and finally…

Underwater oyster harvesting equipment!

VectorMount: Action at Every Turn!