VectorMount for GoPro does Global Rally Cross Championships at SEMA

So anyone that was either at the Global Rally Cross Championships at SEMA in Las Vegas or watching it on ESPN2 might have noticed something… VectorMount for GoPros donning some of the competitors cars, including Rhys Millen’s Hyundai and Back-To-Back Champion Tanner Foust’s Ford Fiesta! Here’s a few photos from right before they hit the track…


VectorMount Does The NHRA California Hot Rod Reunion

On October 19-21, 2012, VectorMount for GoPro headed out to the NHRA California Hot Rod Reunion where we had a chance to ride along with some of drag racing’s most iconic cars, including Marcellus, Borsch, & Boyd’s famous “Winged Express!” Here’s a vid and some pics:

VectorMount for GoPro Does The NHRA California Hot Rod Reunion 2012 from VectorMount on Vimeo.

And for more pictures, click here to check out our Google+ gallery

Official GoPro Swivel Mount for Formula Drift Event

Following its debut at the Sand Sports Super Show last month, where Michael Sommer, the Editor of Sand Sports Magazine called it “one of the coolest new products at the Sand Sports Super Show,” VectorMount for GoPro swivel mount found its way into NBC Sports’ Formula Drift Championships in Irwindale last weekend as the official GoPro swivel mount for Formula Drift.

After meeting with Formula Drift executives who were looking for an effective way to minimize the roof-mounted cameras, VectorMount for GoPro, with its unique mechanism offering unparalleled and adjustable dynamic angles of view, proved the obvious and timely solution.


As Official GoPro Sponsored Drift Racer Tyler McQuarrie so eloquently put it, “GoPro cameras allow you to capture amazing shots, but the VectorMount allows you to get a perspective like no other mount on the market.”

All top 16 cars in the Formula Drift Finals, including 2012 Formula Drift Champion Daigo Saito’s Achilles Radial Lexus SC430, can be seen donning the VectorMount for GoPro swivel mount. Quite a few of the weekend’s exciting moments were captured by Speedhunter’s Larry Chen, along with VectorMount photographer Wasim Muklashy:


GoPro Swivel Mount on GoPro car -

GoPro Swivel Mount on GoPro car -

GoPro Pan Mount -

GoPro Swivel Mount -

GoPro Swing Mount -


VectorMount for GoPro is the world’s only camera mounting system designed for the wildly popular GoPro cameras that uses the natural motion of your vehicle to track the action. Utilizing a combination of wind-vane technology, centrifugal force, and adjustable dampening input, the mount allows the camera to pan and scan along a fixed vertical axis consistent with the vehicle’s movements. As the vehicle turns, an adjustable swing-weight allows the camera mount to swivel and naturally point the lens into the direction of the turn, effectively seeing the angle of view as the driver sees it.


“The Vector Mount allows you to keep your eye’s on the action. The right to left transitioning is so smooth it gives the impression someone is controlling the camera for you. This product is amazing.”
-Paul Sharp, Discount Tire Advertising

VectorMount for GoPro is manufactured and crafted in the United States of America, where each unit is hand calibrated to ensure that it is up to our highest quality standards before it leaves our production facility.

For press materials, additional information, and sample videos of the VectorMount for GoPro in action, visit the VectorMount Media Room.



Tony Hawk puts VectorMount to the test

We grew up watching Tony Hawk and his ragtag band of skate buddies back in the 80′s. We’d pool all of our money together to go buy their latest VHS tape.

So, you can imagine how geeked out we were when Tony agreed to put our VectorMounts to the test on an exhibition GoKart race at Birdhouse Skateboards in CA.

As you can see he has two VectorMount GO2X models in front of and behind him for max coverage.

I’m not sure if one would consider what they were doing as racing or not, as he and KevJumba tried to steer with their knees while they Tweeted to their followers.

The footage that came from the race was noted as “Awesome” by Tony as the cameras panned and swung as each turn was taken.


We thank Tony and KevJumba for their overall awesomeness and we had a great time at the track with them.

Okay, where’s my bucket list…. ah here it is.   #29: Hang out with Tony Hawk. Check.



VectorMount crowns the GoPro car at Vegas FormulaD

Tyler McQuarrie taking a pic of the VectorMount atop the GoPro car of this weekend’s Vegas ProAm Formula Drifting Championships.

We met with Tyler while  scouting out a worthy test vehicle for our VectorMount. This was one of the first times it had been tested in a live, head-to-head match at a drift track.

Who doesn’t love a new toy?

Tyler immediately adorned it on his Camaro and the footage we captured was outstanding. Tyler uploaded the footage to the video ninjas at GoPro. Word has it that the GoPro team loved the footage as well and we may be seeing some collaboration between GoPro and VectorMount very soon!

Tyler McQuarrie Instagram’s his VectorMount atop the GoPro sponsored drift car.



The new VectorMounts are just now hitting the market and although we have dozens of uses and applications for it, we haven’t begun to scratch the surface.

What are your ideas? Let us know.