Best and Worst uses for Your VectorMount

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Main rule of thumb: VectorMount loves a relatively smooth surface.

Here are a few questions and answers, as well as some points to ponder on how to best utilize your VectorMount.

Q:  Can I use VectorMount in off-roading situations?
A: Yes, preferably while driving on a relatively smooth surface such as sand, smooth grass or dirt, asphalt, concrete or similar. VectorMount was not designed for biking trails, big rocks or boulders, or severely choppy terrain. However, the better your suspension and travel, the smoother the mount will ride.

Q:  Can I use this on on my rocket car at 400MPH?
A:  Since we haven't yet tested it above 263MPH on a drag strip or other straightaway, you're on your own - but we can't wait to see the results!

Q:  Can I put VectorMount on my helmet?
A:  As your helmet rarely stays level, we do not recommend it. VectorMount needs to be level.

Q:  Can I hang the mount upside down?
A:   You can remove and invert the shaft and the VectorMount can then be mounted right-side up beneath a roll bar. Or, you can truly mount it upside down, in which case your videos may also be upside down.

Q:  Can it be used on boats?
A:  It depends on your boat and the water conditions. If it's a boat that stays flat into the turns, yes. If your boat rocks a lot like a standard v-hull might on open ocean, the swing weight will attempt to swing to the lowest position and will most likely rock as well. Consider waiting for our ocean boat and submarine versions.

Q:  Does it have to be centered on the vehicle?
A:  No, and if it isn't, you can unlock then twist the tail tube or tail joint to adjust the wing to compensate for airflow that may be coming at it from the side. These settings are also useful if you're experiencing a heavy crosswind.

Q:  How to prevent shaking from side to side?
A:  AKA wind buffeting - you may experience this at average speeds greater than 50MPH. If so, simply remove the polycarbonate wing from the tail tube.

Q:  Can I put this on my motorcycle or dirt bike?
A:  Due to VectorMount's design, it should be kept level in order to properly steer the camera into the turn. Capturing video on hilly terrain or dirt bike jumping would be better accomplished with our static mounts. However, if you rode your bike on a paved road, you could achieve great results. Just remember that if you lean deeply into your turns, the swing weight will attempt to swing to the lowest position, so you may want to limit the rotation with the Adjustable Rotation Stop Kit.